Ashlee & Jasons Bendooley Bookbarn Autumn Wedding

Welcome to Ashlee & Jasons Bendooley Bookbarn wedding held in the amazing southern highlands of NSW. Their wedding had been postponed several times and jumped between several different venues. Luckily their wedding landed at Bendooley Bookbarn smack bang in the middle of Autumn. Check out the beautiful backdrops and colours that the Bendooley Bookbarn property offers. I put together a few question for Ashlee to answer, check them out below.

Why did you choose Bendooley Bookbarn for your Autumn wedding venue?

We chose the Bendooley Bookbarn Autumn Wedding because we wanted a vineyard feel we wanted something that was different and we could move around the venue instead of being constricted to one area. We also loved the colours all the autumn leaves make for the best pictures and they are forever memories.

What was your favourite moment from the day?

For example my favourite moment was seeing Jason for the first time while walking down the isle, Above all the kids they were so excited! made my heart so full” 

Tell us little about the vendors

The vendors were so accomodating and easy to deal with at no point did I feel stressed about the day getting out of control. For instance, anything we needed they did straight away. To sum it all up, go with the suppliers that have excellent recommendation and above all, check their google reviews.

Why did you choose Michael Boyle Photography?

Michael was my only option! I have been following him for what seems like forever. I found Michael from a friends wedding and from that point it was always Michael . He has done my family shoot and literally had me in tears and now with these wedding photos left me speechless. Michael is stuck with us for good no one else compares. In conclusion, if you’re thinking of Mick.. don’t think twice, he is easy going fun and all round top bloke. 

Lets talk about the dress!

The dress ohh that was a hard one I had a image in my head and the way I explained it was all wrong lol. My designer worked heaven and earth to make it what I wanted in such a. Short time (changing my mind constantly) and it come together perfectly. They were amazing and literally listened to everything I was concerned about. Above all, I loved it and so did everyone else .

A word of advise for future brides..

One word of advice write everything down, your guest list, checklist everything and make a order of it so you know “yes” I’ve done that and tick it off! That way you didn’t go back and confuse my self over and over as I kept going over things that had already been completed . And don’t stress what you can’t change.. it is what it is.

Thank you

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